Friday, July 13, 2018


If you didn't read "A Typical Dale Day" post from a couple of days ago, you should go back and read that one before you continue with this post -  this is sort of a continuation of that one...

I spent most of my day on Wednesday sorting through the ribbon, braids and trims that my cousin sent me from my Aunt's home.

She was a Floral Designer by trade and so she always had a lot of ribbons and trims... and she used a lot in the crafts she did.... sewing, quilting, eggery, crocheting... floral arrangements.

I received a lot of ribbon - but truthfully - I know my cousin has not even scratched the surface when in comes to this particular crafting supply.

I use a lot of ribbon as well, so I am very happy to acquire this lot.

 In those boxes are many different colours, and widths of satin ribbons, which I use a lot of when I make my crochet ornaments, but now the ladies of summer will have even more embellishments on their hats!

I mentioned  in my post the other day, that I felt that my Aunt was near when I was going through her stuff.  I know now that my feelings were founded, because I found three things tucked in her ribbon boxes that I know my cousin did not put in there.

The first was this -   it was in one box.

Another box had a bunch of pieces of ribbons in the bottom... and rightly so - you never know when you will need little bits of ribbon, so you don't throw them away.  I cleaned the box out then turned it over and shook it over the trash can to get the really small stuff out - and this fell out of the box... it must have been face down and I didn't see it.

But it was the fourth box that did me in.

Again I was sifting through the dregs on the bottom, there were little plastic bags that maybe once held ribbon, and some cardboard pieces, where maybe ribbon had been wrapped around at one time... and a paper... I almost threw the paper away, thinking it was from a wrapper...

This message went straight to my heart! 

I know my Aunt used her ribbons right out of these boxes that I now have, they were all labelled for colour and size of ribbon... Who knows when she put these objects in her ribbon boxes, and who knows why?

I believe her hand was guided, she didn't know why she put them there either - she was meant to put them there, and I was meant to find them - it is after all, just that simple!

Does that freak you out?

Not me - it gives me so much comfort... you can't even begin to imagine how much!

My Aunt had a very strong faith, and she also believed that throughout her life, she was left signs and directions that guided her through the rough spots - and she had many of those in her 99 years here on earth.

For some it is a very hard concept to grasp a hold of...  but I know what those three items were meant for me to find....

I'm so very happy, that I did.

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