Friday, May 10, 2013

What is a picture worth?

I apologize for my very sporadic posting this week.  My Mac has decided to misbehave and while hubby works at getting it back to proper working order I have been left working on my back-up computer - which is an old laptop PC which seems quite antiquated to say the least.

At least I have a back-up computer.  I am thankful for that, and in my case it hasn't been totally horrible to be on it, aside from the fact that it is painfully slow on the Internet - which I am pleased to say I, myself, was able to fix - somewhat.

In a lot of ways it has been somewhat of a discovery for me to return back almost 4 yrs.  When I got my Mac I just left things as they were on the PC, so this week I got a real snap shot of where my life was 4 yrs ago.  Kinda cool, in a scary sort of way.

One of the first places I went was MY PICTURES.  Who knew I had so many great photos on that computer?  You might be seeing some of them from time to time here.... watch for it!

Here's one I found that really spoke to me...

You would not believe all the things this picture told me.

I am one of those people that really look at a picture.  I find most people really don't.  I have always been this way, and I think I join quite a few in my family who love photography and the stories that a picture can tell.

This is me, I don't know the date, but I can tell it is in the month of June - because the peonies are blooming. I am dressed for my dance recital (tap dance)... that's kind of obvious, I didn't normally wear bows in my hair or certainly not on my shoes.

Here's what else I see  in the picture - 

I always knew my mother to be a pretty awesome gardener.  She had beautiful flower beds and huge vegetable gardens... she took much pride in her gardens - but hello - Mom -  sorry to say that is a pretty sad looking garden. So that tells me she was not able to garden that spring.  This could have been the year she had 2 major surgeries in a row - that might account for the lack of beauty, or it might have been the year that she cared for my dying Grandmother in a hospital bed here at home.  Or maybe it was because she had 5 children and usually 1 or 2 foster children as well... that might also account for the lack of attention to the garden.

 Three things tell me it was a very hot spring.  The grass has not been cut, and looks very dry, the soil along the house has compacted - you can see a line where it was before, and someone has taken the storm windows off and put the screens on already.

I'm pretty sure one of my brothers was behind the camera - I would never have stood that way if it had been Mom or Dad.

I got all this from this one little picture - how awesome is that!  But more awesome for me was the journey it took me on.  The remembering that we had Grandma in a hospital bed; foster brother and sisters; a large family; and a very awesome Mother.

I think the focus was supposed to be on me - but thankfully not everything is about me!

Well almost not everything!

Happy Mother's Day to all the special Mom's out there this weekend....

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