Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gardening Mamma!

Yesterday was a fantastic day... the weather was warm - hot even!  I went to get my hair cut and the place was packed with people needing to shed their winter mops for something cooler - the hair dressers were very happy!

I spent another 3 hours in the garden in the evening - moving plants and getting my little patch empty where I want my vegetable garden to be.  I am determined to prove that one can grow enough vegetables to sustain a family of three in a very small space.  My plan is to grow - UP!

We'll see how that goes.  I still have 2 more perennials to move out of there before I can start to build my vegetable garden space.

I have neglected my plants for a few years, I must admit.  No wonder I have lost some of my favorite varieties.  But I am determined to right that wrong this year and get my gardens back to where they were a few years ago.  Hopefully I can inject new life here and there and improve the overall look of the yard.

I want to try a couple of Hydrangea's this year, a lime - coloured one and the Endless Summer variety, which blooms all summer long in pink and violet.  My neighbours have not had much luck with these so I thought I'd give it a go and see if my yard will work better than theirs.  My yard is difficult in that in the summer months it does not get a lot of full sun.  We sit under two large Elm trees that tends to block most of the afternoon sun, so I need to choose my plants carefully - and choose where they live, even more carefully.

I have a very overgrown Virgina Creeper growing on the south side of my house.  I love them, but they do get very invasive if left unattended.  So last evening I pulled down over half of the vines from that side of the house.  I was about to throw the vines in the yard waste bag, but then decided to get crafty instead.  I made 2 very nice large vine wreaths from the vines I chopped down.  They will have to dry for a few weeks, but they will look awesome decorated with some silk flowers for the front and back doors of the house...  How's that for recycling!

I have been working on some knitting and crochet projects - but I'll tell you about those tomorrow, and give you some great links for making the perfect summer cardi -

Happy Gardening

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