Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Days like these...

I haven't had a real messed up filthy dirty doll to work on in a long long time, and like one of my FB doll friends said in a post yesterday - "I NEED A DOLL"!  We, who are like her, all chuckled in sympathy for if truth be known, we all feel the same.  Those of you who are not like us just think we have more than one screw loose - we know this...

We all have our "Things".    The "things" in life that make us happy, content, proud... for some it's keeping a pristine clean house; for some its a garden to die for, for some it's cooking like a world renowned chef - some need lots of clothes, some need weekly spa treatments... I could go on and on.  For thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of us - it's working on a run-down little doll who once gave some child an incredible smile and maybe more than a little contentment of their own.

Some of the thrill is in the chase - the finding of the doll in the first place - especially if it is one you have always wanted yourself - such as my love of Chatty Cathy.

For some it is the thrill of finding the worst looking doll in the worst condition ever, and restoring that doll to a thing of beauty once again.

Whatever it is, it sure is addicting.  I have been to three different thrift stores in the past week, searching for a filthy dirty little urchin who needed some loving care, and found none.

That's quite unusual.  I usually find some kind of doll, even if I don't buy it - there is usually a doll or two there - but this week there has not even been one to leave behind!  It scares me to think that another doll person might have moved into my territory!

Last evening I went to a thrift store that usually has some dolls. None!  I was walking around the store feeling sorry for myself, wandered over to book section - picked up a book.  Wandered to the clothes - found a brand new pair of capris still with the original tag on - picked that up.  Then I wandered into the sewing/craft section.  There on the shelf was a box.  As soon as I saw the box I knew what was inside.  It was marked 3.00.

It was a breast prosthesis.  A 400.00 breast prosthesis to be exact.  It was the right side and the right size.  I did not leave it there.

 I have one - not nearly as nice as this one was, which I got free after my surgery from the prosthesis bank at cancer care.  Obviously the staff at the thrift store had no idea what this was, which is sad because the prosthesis banks at Cancer Care always need prosthesis for new patients.

So I took it home.  I washed it with Palmolive dish soap ( the only thing you are supposed to use on these) and I tried it on.  Perfect fit!  Wow I got a $400.00 Boob for $3.00!

Of course since finding this treasure my mind has been on the previous wearer.  God Bless you sister, where ever you may be.  I will wear your breast proudly and when I no longer need it, I'll make sure it gets to the right place next time around...

Days like these - are treasures!

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