Monday, May 27, 2013


Last week was a sad week for us.  Two good friends passed away - one longtime, and one not-so longtime.

My friend Iris, who I wrote about just a couple of weeks ago for her 104th birthday is gone.  She passed peacefully in sleep and one can only Rejoice in her life and her peaceful death after 104 yrs!

Our neighbour, Gordon passed on Saturday morning.  His journey was much more difficult, he had multiple cancers and fought them all long and hard, but sadly he did not win.  He is without pain and is in peace now.  RIP Gordon...

As I've mentioned before, Iris and her family moved into the house next door to my parent's house when I was 7 yrs old.  In the 50 yrs I knew her, she was much more than a neighbour and a friend.  At times she was a Mother to me and she was always Grandma to my son - but she was also a very close friend of my Mother's while they lived side by side.  Mom and Iris went to the same church, and were active in the church together.    They spoke everyday -  and in the summertime, it was always over the chain-link fence between our yards.

I imagine they have continued that custom now that they have been reunited  - so I wrote this for both these special women that meant so very much to me...

For Mom and Iris...


Somewhere is heaven, there is a fence,
With a beautiful garden close by;
Across the fence, two women converse;
Under an endless blue sky.

They’re both dressed the same - in shimmering white;
Gold halos and pristine white wings.
Their feet have no shoes, their wrists hold no watch,
Their fingers no longer wear rings.

They both look quite young, all age signs are gone,
Disease and afflictions, gone too;
They have not a care – not even one,
They have no more work to do.

It’s been thirty years, since last they did stand,
Across a fence such as this.
They talk about family and neighbours and friends,
They catch up on things they have missed.

After awhile when talk is all done,
One says “Come, walk with me.
Just through that gate waits loved ones and friends - 
Many you’ll want to see.”

With hands held together they walk through the garden,
Towards the most glorious light;
Where sunshine is endless, where beauty abounds,
Where never again is night.

And they are there waiting, just as she said,
Loved ones and ones who are dear.
It’s known in an instant, and then evermore,
So happy she is to be here.

Somewhere in heaven, there is a fence,
With a beautiful garden close by;
Across the fence, loved ones converse;

Under the endless blue sky...

Tomorrow - a special treat, from Iris!

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