Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'll Give you a Daisy A Day Dear!

I am almost finished the cardi, I could have finished it last night but I got a terrible headache so put it down - didn't want to ruin all my nice work.  Hopefully I will be able to show it to you tomorrow.

Now for my grad gift idea...

This graduate is a female, who will be going to University away from home this fall.   I am not sure if she will be living in a dorm or if she will be renting an apartment with other students, but for the first time in her life she will be away from her parents and her brother for a long period of time and for awhile she will be feeling like a duck out of water - or maybe not... one can never tell about these things.

Females love cuddly things - my opinion is that all students living away from home should have a cheery afghan on their bed.  I don't think young women have changed much over the years - they love to wrap themselves in something when they are lonely, sick, when they are studying.  So I think I'll make an afghan...but I want something different - some playful - funky!

Enter the 1970's...

Years ago my crafty Aunt Margaret made a daisy afghan.  The flowers were white with yellow centers and they were joined with green yarn.  It was beautiful.  It was very much like these.


These daisies are not crocheted, they are made on a daisy loom and are 2 or 3 dimensional.  The ones in these pictures are 2 dimensional.

When Gary and I went down to see Aunt Margaret a couple of years ago I had a couple of off days.  Being the mothering type, she went into her linen closet and came out with a afghan and covered me with it.

It was a daisy afghan - with every color of daisy you could think of... I fell in love with this little afghan instantly.  When it was time to go home she presented me with a little package.  Inside was the afghan,

 and the daisy loom for me to someday make an afghan of my own.

  I am so spoiled, am I not?

I did monkey around with the loom several times, but I have done nothing with the daisies I have made.  But now I think I finally have an idea what to do with them....

I haven't counted how many I would need, but I do know if I make this - I'd better get started!

Do you think a soon to be college gal would fall in love with such an afghan?


  1. I know a young person that loves to curl up in blankets a lot. She enjoys being warm and yeah cool looking flowers would definitely be a hit.

    Not that I am suggesting anything here :)

  2. I hear ya! But shhhh.... no telling now!