Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rain Rain on my Window Pane!

The first weekend of the summer is about to hit us, and the weatherman has predicted rain - not showers - but rain for the entire weekend possibly spilling over into next week as well.

This is not great news for the gardener who wanted to spend all day Saturday buying annuals, fertilizer, vegetables and seed - and then spend the rest of the weekend planting.  I know a lot of people had just such plans for this weekend - me included!

So instead of being outside - I get three inside days - whatever will I do with myself?  That's a funny thought considering we have just spent the past six months pretty much indoors.  I didn't ask myself that question then - did I?

Well if I can't be outside I guess I have to make the most of my time indoors.  Last weekend I did major cleaning in the house (in anticipation for not doing it again for awhile because of gardening).  So any cleaning will be minor.

That leaves crafting - Yeah, Yeah!  I have stacks of things started, some almost finished.  I have a few naked dolls on my work table, I have embellishments to make for my fairy gardens, I have summer Cardi's started and orders to fill.  I have a grad gift to make (and send).

But no - what I'm thinking is that I should head over to the fabric store and buy some fabric and make myself a couple of summer dresses for work.  WHAT!  Me the "I don't care for sewing," seamstress!  Yeah   - that's what I feel like doing if I can't be outside gardening... go figure!

Of course that is today - tomorrow I might completely be in a different mind-set.

That's how it goes, some days....

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