Wednesday, May 29, 2013

She's At It Again!

I have managed to complete a couple of UFO's over the past few days.  Sadly I have so many that I really don't know which one to work on first!

I was looking for a piece of fabric on the weekend, and low and behold I came across the little strip table runner I had started when?  Maybe February or so?  I pulled it out and unrolled it and my first thought was - OH THERE'S WHERE ALL MY STRAIGHT PINS ARE!  I immediately remembered why it was still in the closet and not on my table.  The project went completely fine - until I started to apply the binding on the edges.  Yes - well - I am binding challenged, that is for sure a fact!  The binding was 1/2 sew on, but it wasn't even and the corners were hideous...  I was going to roll it back up and shove it back - further back -  in the closet and then I decided I really needed the pins - so why not finish it!

I took it out to my rocking chair in the sun room, along with a pair of scissors and some thread and a needle and I hand-stitched the back of the binding on the the runner - Voila - done!

It's not the best work I have ever done, but it is my first completed quilting project after all!  The binding is really hideous, but in finishing the project I was able to see what I had done wrong - so I'll know better for the next one... she says!

Project #2 -  was to finish knitting a little Cathy sweater I had been knitting for a friend.  It took me all of 20 minutes to finish it - makes me wonder why I had stopped in the first place.  Done!

Project #3  - The summer cardi - this has been sitting in a bag hanging on my workroom closet door for a few weeks.  I had one more row to work for the body, block, assemble, and do the border...  This WILL be finished tonight... after a yearly Vet visit with Molly, dinner, dishes, some laundry and a blow by blow account of Jon's interview this morning with an International Engineering Firm.

Pictures tomorrow of this project completed  - I hope!

And then?

Well I have an idea...

I want to make a special grad gift for a Special Grad.  Of course I am already late  - graduation has taken place, but I'm sure I will be forgiven in this case...

I'll run my idea by you tomorrow...

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  1. I am so inspired to do some of my UFO`s.......starting today!!!