Monday, May 13, 2013

A Lovely Day!

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend and that all the Mom's had a special day, yesterday!

I had a great weekend.  I found some energy lying around on Saturday so I put it to good use really giving my house a good cleaning.  I washed all my floors, set my sun room up for the summer months, re-potted some house plants and generally spent the day doing what I should have been doing the past few weeks,

Mother's day was a lovely day.  I got to spend some time at the thrift store (always exciting for me - but I did not find any vintage dolls - sadly).  I got to spend some time in my garden, which also is something I enjoy so much.  The weather was bright and quite warm in the sun, but not so hot that I overheated like last time I worked out there.

I had a wonderful home-made spaghetti dinner, and a great evening spent with my two favourite men.  All in all a perfect day.

I saw the cutest thing while I was working outside.  I have a small birdhouse, that Jonathan made for me years ago from some old boards taken off an old house ( where my mother grew up in the country). I have this little bird house in the garden in front of my sun room.  The past few days I have been noticing birds flying by the window but we have a lot of birds around here, so I didn't think anything of it.

I was raking leaves off the garden and this little tiny bird ( I think it was a finch of some kind) landed on the roof of the bird house.  It had a pile of feathers in it's beak and it just sat and watched me as if to say - "Do you mind leaving so I can put these in my house?"  I didn't move so it flew away...  In about 2 minutes it was back, this time on the roof of MY house.  It still had all the feathers in it's beak, and it looked so funny as it watched me rake.  I decided to give the little one it's wish - maybe it was a Mom - or soon to be a Mom making her nest, and it being Mother's day I could not interfere with that process.

As soon as my back was turned, the bird slipped into the house.  I could hear it scratching away in there.

I'll have to watch more carefully over the next weeks.  We may have babies for the first time in our little bird house... how wonderful!

I wish I had had my camera handy - it would have made a great picture -

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