Friday, March 23, 2012

The Eagles have landed

Every once in awhile something lands in my email inbox that is so special that it almost leaves me speechless.  Yesterday such an email arrived from a on-line friend of mine and even though a similar one circulated this time last year, I was so happy to click the link and see where it led me.

Have you heard of the Decorah Eagles?  The Decorah Eagles are a pair of Bald Headed Eagles that have built their nest somewhere in and around Decorah Iowa.  I'm not sure how it came about, but someone has managed to get a camera close enough to watch the pair as they sit on their nest of eggs.

If you have ever seen where Bald-Headed Eagles nest - you would realize just how special this is.  Their nests are often so high and in such remote areas that they are rarely visible, unless you are looking for them.  To be able to view not only the nest, but the ability to watch the parents as they come and go from the nest, turn the eggs and sit and incubate their young is something more than we mere humans really deserve.

This hatch is expected somewhere between March 23rd (that's today) and March 25th.  We have the opportunity to witness something that our species has never been able to witness before.

I hope we all get to see the offspring of this pair of Bald-Headed Eagles very soon.

Thank you to the people responsible for this wonderful gift ...

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