Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's BBQ time!

On the weekend we went shopping for a new BBQ .  We didn't just run out and purchase the first one we saw, instead we read reviews on different makes and models before beginning our search.  We looked at several models in several stores, but in the end settled for one in Home Depot. 

The one we bought is big - it has 4 burners and a side burner.  It is much larger than any BBQ we have owned previously, so we were excited to get it home and get it set up on what will soon be (if I have my way) our re-purposed "outdoor room".

Well first, let me tell you the box was so big we couldn't get it into the van... that should have told us something about the size of the BBQ - but we didn't think that far.

The second clue should have been when 2 men were purple-faced carrying it (the box) from the van (with all the seats removed) to the house - we still weren't thinking - apparently!

Reality time hit when the box was opened.  Wow, I was thinking - that's kinda big!

It went together fairly well - by that I mean with only a few well chosen expressions of negativity... and Voila!  Our New BBQ!

The spot I had pictured it standing is too small, so I have had to shuffle the "picture" of my outdoor room just a wee bit in my mind.  Shuffle, shuffle....

Okay - so maybe there's only room for one Shuffle... sheesh!

Well darn - now it's back to re-planning my outdoor room.   

In the meantime - it's BBQ for supper tonight.   Homemade hamburgers for us  - I have had such a craving for one done on the BBQ for such a long time.  YUM!

For the weekend it will be something with mini-porta mushrooms, grilled Crostini, and something else...yet to be decided...

Okay, this isn't good -I am spending wayyyyy too much time thinking about food now...

My next purchase is going to have to be a bicycle!

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