Monday, March 12, 2012


It was a beautiful warm weekend in Winnipeg... so much so that most of the sidewalks and streets in our neighbourhood were flooded yesterday.  It was that typical spring day when neighbours up and down the street met at the sewer hole, or as near to it as they could recall, to try and free up the ice so the water could drain away.

It was a common sight up and down our street and especially in back lanes.  The "old-timers" of the neighbourhood were called to duty because they are the ones that can pin-point exactly where the drains are beneath the snow and ice.

Yes - it was a fun day - prompting me to record the fun day with a poem of sorts.

So here you have it... a beautiful spring day in Manitoba....

Enjoy - as did I!


Meet me at the sewer drain,
My neighbor said to me;
And bring your shovel, pick and axe
And leave behind your keys!

I did as bid, and met them there,
In rubber head to toe;
Prepared to do my yearly deed,
To get the stream to flow.

I donned my gloves and focused hard,
I drew the ice pick high;
The first hit only made a dent,
Just made the ice chips fly.

Again I swung, this time it struck;
A clean break to the ground.
I heard the crack, the pop, the split,
And then I turned around.

My rubbered feet, not well secured,
Slipped sideways to and fro.
I struggled some to right myself,
But then – Oh No! Oh No!

Down I went in wondrous view,
To all who gathered there.
Soaking water as I sat,
Clear to my underwear.

The next time I’m implored to help,
Un-ice a sewer drain;
I’ll think about this day and then,
I’ll think of it again.

Dale Graumann

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