Friday, March 9, 2012

Beautiful Weather Ahead!

If one can believe the forecast, it sounds like we are in for some very mild temperatures this weekend.  The weather forecasters are saying +7 C for most of the weekend and perhaps warmer still going in to next week.  All great indications that spring is really coming! 

I hope the forecasters have it right, but then I'm thinking I will need to head downstairs and empty the closet at the bottom of the stairs in hopes of finding my rubber ducks.  I'm going to need them if I intend to walk back and forth to church on Sunday!

I have another pair somewhere outside that my Pumpkin Man was wearing.... remember him?  He is sort of in pieces all over my patio.  His head, which has been frozen all winter will have to be tossed this weekend if it thaws, the rest of him (the bags of leaves stuffed in the jeans and shirt) will also have to be tossed.

Gee spring is a lot of work!

We are on the hunt for a new BBQ this weekend.  We tossed our old one away a couple of years ago, and have been without one for that long.  No more of that!  I want to be able to cook outdoors this year, in fact I can almost taste a homemade BBQ'ed hamburger as I  write this... ummmmmmmmmm!

So with that thought in mind - I wish you lovely weather, wherever you may be this weekend - good food, and the company of friends and loved ones all weekend long.   Enjoy the time we have today, because tomorrow... it is gone.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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