Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is Here!

Happy First Day of Spring!

Now that spring weather is here, I have been thinking about my summer wardrobe.  I would really like some summery items that I could wear both for casual or for work.

As luck would have it I  received the Spring Sale Mary Maxim catalogue in the mail last week but I really had no time over the weekend to page through it.  Truth be known, they come quite frequently and sometimes they never get opened.

There is always something new in them, and I often find things that I like enough to order  - which would be why I still get the catalogues, I imagine.

This issue has the cutest vest/cover up on the front cover. 

So I go to page 17 and the materials with the pattern is only 22.97 - which is really not a bad price - but sizes are small to large....

Over the years I have bought many things from Mary Maxim, but they often show patterns that do not run to the larger sizes. I wonder why this is? Almost every other yarn company has addressed this issue long ago, and is sensitive to the larger woman. 

Why is it you can go on great sites like http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/ and find FREE patterns from other yarn companies for many things, vests included  and the pattern sizes range from small to 5X? 

I did that, I went there to see if they had a pattern that is similar to this one, and although I did not really find one like it - I did find a couple that I liked just as much, so for this round, MM has lost the earning power of my dollar... sorry  to say.

I already have a very nice light bamboo yarn that has been waiting for a pattern.  I think I will try this one...

or maybe this one...

If you have the idea to expand you summer wardrobe - there are no shortage of patterns on these sites.

Happy Crocheting!

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