Friday, March 16, 2012

Knitting 101

One of the young women I work with has asked me to help her learn to knit.  She was in a beginning knitters group I had a couple of years ago when I taught several co-workers to knit over some lunchbreaks.  This particular woman, had learned, but then got busy having babies etc, so she didn't actually do much knitting for a few years.  Now she wants to knit again.

It didn't take her long to catch on to it again.  She started with the basic dishcloth and now has decided to design a pair of leg warmers for her little girl.  I'd say she was hooked.... not many people start to design so early into a new craft but if she can accomplish her task - we may just have a budding new designer in our midst.

I told her about circular needles and suggested she try knitting the leg warmers on them and I gave her a set so she could try it out.  I can't wait to see what she comes up with.  Her excitement with her new craft has been fun to watch and has reminded me how lucky I was to have a mother who kept at me to learn things like knitting and crocheting, even when I was not obviously interested in learning.

I can't imagine what I would do without this knowledge today, as so much of my life is taken up with making and creating things with my hands.  She taught me techniques, but more than that she taught me patience to try and try and try again.  Mom never accepted failure, and I tend not to either.  Yes, we all make mistakes, but all mistakes can be corrected - and that is a concept in life that seems to be missing in a lot of people... Some people call mistakes failure - I call a mistake a mistake.  Failure happens when you choose not to correct the mistake.

Of course this is after all my opinion - not necessarily that of others - this I know.  But,  it's what I believe and it's how I have learned to do so many wonderful things in my life.  Some ask me "Is there anything you don't know how to do?"  This mean it as a compliment, I'm sure.

My answer would be - I still have much to learn, and many mistakes to make and correct.  I plan to do so for the remainder of my life!

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