Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chip learning to crochet!

Happy March 1st!  Wow, seems like it was just Christmas, and now we are very close to spring!

I spent some of my evening yesterday trying to edit the movie of Chip and I and sadly, I wasn't very successful at it.  I guess I'll have to stick to crocheting and knitting and such.

One thing I did notice on the video, was that I have my mother's hands.  I never noticed that before... but then one doesn't really notice something like that about oneself.  Watching my hands crochet made me remember Mom's hands as she worked.  I'd think it was her working there, if I wasn't so sure it was me in the video!

I got two more crosses done today at lunch time, so I have 18 more to go.  I should have them completed well before Easter.

So here is our little video... of course Chip is the star of this movie!

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