Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Return of the Doily

If you were born in the 40's or 50's chances are you will have visited many homes where doilies were a common decorating accent.  As a child I remember beautiful crocheted pieces on end tables under lamps, on table tops, even on furniture backs and arms.  Antimacassars?  Does a young woman of today even know what these are  - or even care?

I have to admit (secretly) that I have always loved doilies and lace.  Call me old-fashioned but there is nothing lovelier than a polished wood table with a white or off white pineapple doily resting on top of it.  I have even used doilies on my own dinning room table from time to time - but sadly not recently.

I have a comforter bag filled with doilies that were my Mom's.  Some in that stash were made by my grandmothers, and a few even from great grandmothers.  They are made from the finest threads with stitches so intricate I cannot even imagine trying to do them.  They are works of art, indeed - but there they lay in a pile in my linen closet.

In the April 2012 edition of Chatelaine magazine, low and behold - the doilies have returned.  Not in the same way they were before, but still in a way where they can be used and enjoyed... and the young women who are using them are thrilled and proud to display them on their re-purposed wood tables...

They are now called Vintage - and vintage anything is "In".

Sew a bunch of doilies together and make a really beautiful and trendy table runner, these are spectacular and are something that even the novice seamstress can accomplish.  I think I'm going to give this a try...

So dig out Granny's treasures - I am going to try and find uses for all on them - eventually!


  1. This is very neat!! Super creative!!

    1. Thanks for joining my site, Michelle.... WELCOME!

  2. Oh how I remember the doilies and I made a ton of them. Today my daughter still makes the doilies and the crocheted table runners and even the table cloths. She has continued the tradition of every new bride in the family gets a table cloth by making one for her new daughter in law (as on April 6) I have one of her doilies on my dining room table.