Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's all about the Case - The Future

When I went to choir practice last Thursday evening I popped into the crypt to see how things were going with the sorting and pricing for the rummage sale.  Hard to believe that they could stuff even more things in that space, but they have.

I visited with my friends for a few moments before practice, and I happened to notice another suitcase sitting on the floor beside a bunch of boxes.  This case is not as old as the one I dragged home, and it was smaller and in much better shape.  It wasn't antique, but I'd say for sure it was vintage.

I didn't dare ask about it, in fact I tried not to make eye contact with it - really I did!  I don't think anyone noticed my interest.  I hope not, I don't want to get a reputation or anything like that - but seriously - if it's not sold by the time I get to the sale on May 5th - I'm buying it and dragging it home!

I need storage in my craft room, and I have a lot of plastic totes, but they do take up a lot of room.  I would much prefer this look to that of plastic piled to the ceiling.

Last week we got to dream a little about my suitcase's past.  I know you are wondering what I intend to do with my old relic.

I do have a purpose for it besides storage in my craft room.  I am going to use the suitcase as a display apparatus at my craft sales.

My niche is Victorian Crochet - mostly tree ornaments, but I also have table runners, afghans, bridal accessories, baby items, and some dolls.   The tree ornaments are displayed on a small tree on the table, but the rest just lies on the table.  I want to make the case the display background.  For example - I could have the runners and afghans spilling out of the case.  A part of the lid could hold smaller items like bridal accessories, another part of the lid could have a spot for hanging baby items such as Christening Gowns, Shawls etc.

The case will add an element of time to my thread work that no table adornment ever could.

In order to use the case this way - it needed a whole new look - so I decided to change it's image completely.  I am repainting the metal bands that go around the case with a dark blue Tremclad.  It is a little lighter than the blue on the strips now.

All the paper inside the case has been removed (thank goodness for my handy steamer), it removed the old paper and sterilized the interior as well - leaving it as fresh and bare as the day it was made.
I am replacing the paper with a pretty Victorian-type print fabric.  It will be a perfect back drop for my typically White, Ecru and Ivory Victorian Crochet pieces.

The outside of the case is where the most change is going to happen.  I decided that sticking to the "Victorian" look would be the thing to do, so I found some beautiful fabric in multi colors of greens and blues.  I will cover the areas between the metal bands with this fabric, thus brightening the exterior the the suitcase considerably.

Before I do the outside, I am going to sort of mod-podge the labels permanently on the outside of the suitcase with some white glue that will dry clear.  I want the history to stay with the case forever.  It is where it belongs, and if years down the line someone removes the material I place on the case, the labels will still be there so someone else can research the suitcase's history if they so desire.

So now that you know my plans, I'd better get busy and get it done!

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