Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's call about the Case - and the travelling salesman!

Do you remember the Fuller Brush Man?  My younger readers will be say "The What?".

As a kid growing up in the 60's the arrival of the Fuller Brush Man and also the Watkins Man was an exciting thing for sure.  We were the fourth house on our street, so we'd see him coming down the city sidewalk, lugging his huge sample case - which was about the same size and shape as my old suitcase.  What intrigued me was the way the suitcase was laid out inside.

What a thing of beauty!  Inside the case was hundreds of sample items of wares for sale.  Every thing had it's section and everything had it's place.  In the Fuller Brush Man's suitcase was brushes and cleaning supplies.  My Mom was very fond of some of these brushes, and my Dad always used the shoe polish brush every Sunday as he spiffed up his Sunday shoes for Church.  Now there is something we don't see anymore!

Imagine my surprise when I discovered this : http://www.fuller.com/  Who knew this company still existed today?

I personally liked the Watkins Man's visits better, because he always gave each kid a new comb - a black men's comb to be exact - but at that age we didn't really care... we had a chance to own our very own comb... for awhile.

Why is she going on about this anyway, you ask?

Because my plan for my old suitcase is for it to be put to work to sell things.  I'll discuss that more later, but bet you are waiting to see the first clean up.

Drum roll please!



After some serious sweat equity.

Tomorrow we are going to London England....

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