Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things that are meant to be!

Our church is having a Mammoth Rummage sale on May 5th, and so in preparation for it, Gary and I spent several hours last evening sorting and pricing items at the church for this sale.  Our church building is 109 yrs old, there is no basement but there is a crypt under the church -  it's a huge open area used only for storage, and usually it's empty.  It is full at the moment, as is another large storage area inside the church building.  Both areas are full of donated items for the rummage sale. 

It is obviously going to be a very successful sale and I will be working in the craft (surprise) and puzzle and game areas. 

Anyway, last night we were working on kitchen items - a lot of glass - so much so that poor hubby was getting quite uncomfortable, I think.  He did well - he stuck it out for about 90 minutes but then "went for a walk".

One of the other workers asked where he had gone, and my comment was - "Just wait a few minutes and you'll figure it out."

Sure enough, minutes later the big 4 manual Cassavant pipe organ was playing us beautiful hymns to work by.

Back down to the crypt - Sitting off to one side was a very old suitcase, a huge big thing, almost trunk- sized, all covered with stickers but otherwise not in too terrible shape.  Immediately repurposing came to mind.  I had a silent discussion with myself about the merits or not, of taking such a suitcase home, but then put it out of my mind as I got involved in my work.

When it was time to leave I was standing close to the suitcase saying my farewells, and remarked at how neat the old suitcase was.  The leader and organizer of the sale said she didn't think it was something that could be sold in the sale.  I said nothing.... really!

She looked at me and said - "Do you want it?"

What was I to say?

When I finally pried Gary away from the organ, there sitting in front of the door was the old suitcase, so I pretty much HAD to pick it up and carry it to the van!

I can't wait to get some magic eraser to it and see what is under all the stickers, labels and grime.  Just what I really needed - yet another project - but this is a true repurposing project - a first for me.

Wish me luck!

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