Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's on about the case - and a little Geneology too!

It is very difficult to find a person in history without knowing some very basic information.  It's almost impossible to track a last- name -only -person - but I did try and find Hewitt co. ltd. without much success, I'm afraid. 

It appears there were several business that had the name Hewitt in them in the early 1900's in London England.  Perhaps one might be the Hewitt I am looking for, or perhaps not. 

There was a Hewitt co. ltd - that were Beer Brewers....
There was a Hewitt & Sons - who were in the leather business...

And the one I like the best  -  Hewitt and Leadbeater Ltd.. this one is quite interesting.  Hewitt on Leadenhall - Hewitt and Leadbeater?  The word Lead makes me wonder if this is a co-incidence, or has something not been transcribed properly?

If you have ever delved into genealogy you will know how very possible this is.  When I was researching my Mother's family name of Rossnagel - it was spelled so many different ways it was quite comical.  I had a difficult time finding my grandfather on a ship list from Europe, because the spelling of his name was not anything like what it should have been. 

So back to Hewitt and Leadbeater Potters.  Of all the business my case could have belonged to, this is the one I would like to imagine the most.  This company operated  from 1907 to the 1926 and they made Parian Ware, Tea sets, coffee sets, cups and saucers, chinaware, porcelain figurines, and porcelain vases... and DOLLS. 

I was able to find a piece of their work online...

This company was also known as Willow Pottery.... is it possible that they were associated with the famous BLUE WILLOW pottery?  That would make my suitcase so very very special... would it not?

Speaking of Blue Willow Pottery  - I learned something in this research.  My Mom had a couple of pieces of Blue Willow Pottery - I never knew the story of this design until now - it is quite interesting... have a read....

Tomorrow we will travel to the Hook Of Holland... the ferry leaves early, so make sure you are on time!

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