Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning Anyone?

I hope you didn't rush here this morning  - I take that back - I hope you did rush here this morning, but I hope you didn't do so thinking you would see pictures of a finished project such as a suitcase or something like that.

It really was my intention to have those pictures ready for you today - however thanks to the weather man, and my guilty conscience my plans for the weekend were sort of altered.

It was predicted to be a rainy day on Saturday and because I have neglected my housework for some time, I decided that it might be a good day to try and get some spring cleaning done.  So Friday evening while I was still determined to achieve this goal, I tore apart my living room to the extent that forced me to do a major cleaning effort on Saturday.

As it turned out Saturday was a nice day, the sun even shone, which helped me to get in the mood for cleaning, and so I lit into my work like someone possessed.  I washed walls, ceilings, floors: steam cleaned my furniture, washed and pressed my window treatments.  I even broke out the can of paste wax and waxed the piano, and all the other wood I could find. By 9 pm Saturday I had completely cleaned not only the living room, but also the dining room.

Sunday after church I was all set to head outside to work on the suitcase, but this is where guilt set in.  As I walked through the yard I noticed that the boulevards had not yet been raked, and the gardens still had a lot of leaves from fall, so instead of working on the case, I grabbed a rake and started raking.  Here too, I accomplished quite a bit - not enough to be able to say I'm finished, but at least things are starting to look better out there.

Then it was 4 loads of laundry, ironing clothes for the work week and thankfully - rest (at 10:15pm)!

My home looks and smells wonderful, but I am not moving all too swiftly this morning.  Think I might have used a muscle or two this weekend that have been dormant all winter.

So that's why there are no pictures to share.

I am going to try and remedy that situation this week, because next weekend I plan to tackle my kitchen...

Guess I shouldn't have fired the maid!

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