Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Contest Results!

I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend.  I was busy singing in the choir for much of it which was pretty special for me.  Our reward is a week off from practicing and a Sunday off from singing... whatever will I do with myself this week?

If you are waiting for the results of my Easter contest - I have to tell you that there are no results.  No one entered.  I am trying not to be disappointed, but I am, really.  But I am a big girl, I'll get over it, and like someone in my house pointed out - now I don't have to rush to make and send a fairy!

That probably is a Godsend in itself as I can't see.  I got new glasses yesterday (bifocals) and I am really disappointed in them.. The only thing that is clear is distance (which was exactly what my old glasses were).  I can't use the new glasses on the computer, or to read or to craft, so I am not a happy person.. One shouldn't have to spend almost 600.00 and not be able to see!

So they are going back in a day or so... hope they can come up with something much better.

It has been six months since I last saw my Oncologist and tomorrow is my check up with him, so this morning I had to go and get my 12 tubes of blood drawn.  This is never a fun time for me because the veins in the only arm they can use roll.  BUT this morning everything went well, so now all I need is a positive visit and I'll be happy for another 6 months.

My dear friend Eva has introduced me to three Doll collecting groups on Facebook.  One is for Antique dolls, one is Vintage and one is Modern.  What a hoot!  Who knew there were so many men and women out there who collect and love dolls like I do.  I have seen more dolls in the past few days than I have seen in my entire life, and it's been a thrill a minute.  It has made me want to really concentrate on getting my collection up to speed again.  I certainly now have a network of "like" individuals to help me.

ThankYou Eva - you do get me into the neatest things!

On that happy note, I'll say cheerio for today.

Make your day count in some special way...

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  1. Gosh I should have sent in my small memory of Easter past shouldn't I?? I can't believe no one entered-your angels are awesome looking