Monday, June 24, 2013

So Summer Has Arrived!

The fist days of summer have proved to be much too much for many in this country.  To the west of us people are trying to cope with rain, storms, flooding, loss of property, loss of homes.  Places like Canmore and also Calgary, High River, have been devastated by the raging Bow River - and communities east of Calgary now face the same fate as high river levels travel East with the river.

Thursday evening we too had a storm blow through here in a short time, large amounts of rain fell, flooding establishments such as the newly constructed Ikea and other facilities in that area.

Yesterday again, more heavy rain, but this time no wind associated with it.  It just came down all day long and never quit.  Basements have been flooding, sump pumps are water-logged and we are all saying, enough already!

The trees are loving it though.  I looked out the window while I was making supper last night and in spite of the water everywhere, I had to smile at the Elm tree out my window.

I haven't seen moss on that tree in a couple of years... take a look...

My picture doesn't show it well, but it is green with moss right to the top, except for the underside of that one branch... It looks like it has been painted green...

When disaster abounds, Mother Nature still can give us something wonderful to see.

My heartfelt prayers to all those who are experiencing challenges from the last few days weather activity.

Please stay safe, everyone!

On a much happier note - today is my wonderful husband's birthday.  Happy Birthday Gary!  

Enjoy the day, everyone!

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