Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Elm Seeds Anyone?

I didn't think my gardens were growing at all  - until I looked at a couple of pictures I snapped yesterday as I was passing through the yard after work.  Certainly I have not done anything out there in a couple of weeks. Most of what I had planted is still pretty much the same as the day I planted it.  The only plants that look alive are my established perennials.

Could be I haven't fertilized anything yet - although I did buy some.  Could be I haven't watered anything - although we have had some rain, and I have bought a couple of new soaker hoses which I have yet to put down and connect.  But more than likely nothing is growing because we have yet to have any significant heat.  

I'm not sure where the heat is - but I do know it's not been here.  Our days and nights are too cool for plants to flourish and grow.

And then there are the darn Elm seeds... look at this mess...

The seeds have literally covered the ground to the point where the soil looks white.  It is hideous, and I am so afraid if we do get heat and moisture I will have a forest of Elms growing in my flower gardens.
Gary is threatening to buy a blower, which I am beginning to think might not be such a bad idea.

In the meantime, I need to get out and get some yard work done tonight after work.  I have spent the past few days moving furniture around inside the house, now the outside needs some attention.

Where to start?

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