Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Frustration All Around -

I so wish I could be home today instead of heading off to work.  To begin with, the weather is beautiful - way too nice to be stuck indoors.  Secondly, I bought a whole bunch of flowers last evening to brighten up my patio along with a pretty trellis I plan to decorate with flowers and plants and a outdoor carpet  AND I finally figured out how I want to build my water feature.  It was on my mind all evening and finally at 3am when I woke up in my stuffy bedroom the final design plan was formulated.

I just hate when that happens - waking up in the middle of the night - but worse - getting a really good idea about something in the middle of the night.  Sometimes I remember the great idea in the morning, sometimes I don't.

In this case I actually did remember, now all I want to do is build the idea.  But that will have to wait for later today.

Yesterday was a frustrating day in my house.  Gary has wanted an ipad for a long time now, but new ones are too expensive for our budget at the moment.  He was searching listings in Kijji yesterday and found a second generation ipad for sale with a case for a very good price.  We discussed it and decided that he should go and look at it.  No sense going without the money in your pocket, because most likely you will need it... right... Right!

So off we went to Walmart.  On the way we stopped at our bank so he could take out the money for the ipad that we know he will most likely buy.  I sat in the car while he went to the instant teller.  He was gone awhile, and when he came back he looked upset.  Don't you know the bank machine went down for service right in the middle of his transaction - so he didn't get the full amount he needed.

We continued to Walmart I bought my plants and carpet and trellis, and he went to the bank machine there, and it rejected his card.  So I gave him my card - it rejected my card.  So he tired his credit card - it rejected that too...

By now things were getting quite stressful to say the least.  We headed home, and he decided to try the bank on the corner of the street nearby.  This time he took my credit card...

He came home without the money - and without my credit card  - the machine ate it...

Don't you just hate technology sometimes?  Because of all the hackers out there who mess with cards and account numbers- you get three tries on your account and if you are unsuccessful for whatever reason - even if it is the bank's fault - they lock your account down for 48 hours and unless you go into the bank your account is inaccessible to you.

Who knew?

Well we do now!

So today he has to sort that mess out - I have to get my credit card back from wherever it went - and he will eventually get his ipad - because the kind fellow who is selling it is holding it for him until this evening...

Oh ain't life grand!

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