Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sunny Days Ahead!

Guess what showed up this morning, bright and early - The Sun!  And it's supposed to stick around until the weekend... Yes!

Perhaps now would be a really good time to head out and purchase some annuals for pots and areas of the garden that need some color.  Well that was my intention for last evening, but I got lazy and didn't go out - but I will tonight.

I need potting soil, plants, some fertilizer and some metal cleaner.  Metal cleaner you ask?  Yes well - I have a little old singer sewing machine given to me from people who used to be my friends, that I set in my flower beds every year.

The little old ladies from the nursing home across the street, love to look at that machine in the flowers.  Anyway it has oxidized terribly over the past couple of years, I guess from the heat... so I need to clean that off and give it a good wax before I put it out this year.  There is project #1.

Project #2 - is fill my pots with soil and plant some annuals.  This year I am only putting them in pots - none in the ground.

Project #3 - build some fairy gardens.  I have 2 spots picked out for these special little gardens, and I have already purchased some of the special plants as well.  The other night I went out on the boulevard and collected a huge pile of little sticks for making fairy furniture, swings, etc.  I will make a lot of accessories myself - would be too much fun to miss if I bought them...

Project #4 - to make the patio area into an outdoor sitting room.

We have started re-arranging things out there, but now I need a carpet for the patio, and some design elements to make it like a room... OH GEE - maybe I'll have to head to the thrift store and see what I can find....

Well maybe not - I might get side-tracked... LOL!

Anyway, all this needs to get done BEFORE the next rain - which is due to hit us this weekend.

Yup - I'd better get busy!

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