Monday, June 3, 2013

Is it Really June?

Well that weekend flew by so quickly that it doesn't even feel like we had one.

On Saturday we honored our friend Gordon for the last time.  It was a lovely service, made even more special by the words of his two daughters Erica and Stephanie.

The sun finally appeared on Saturday, but the air had a real nip to it.  To look outside from in, one would have thought it a typical June weekend... that is until the furnace kicked in even while the electric fireplace was going off and on.  I'm sure there was frost in some areas, not in my yard - it wouldn't dare!  And anyway we sit under two huge old Elms so it's not too likely that it did reach my plants outside.

My allergies are through the roof... I would imagine that a lot of that is from the fluff of the cottonwood trees flying through the air... at times so heavy it resembles snow.

I should have spent part of the weekend digging out the crop of dandelions that are growing on the front boulevard, or weeding the north side of my house where the weeds are growing faster than any plant I have placed there.  It should have been the kind of weekend where I could take my basket of yarn on the patio and sit outside in the warm sun and wind daisies on my loom.  But  it wasn't.    Spending time outdoors would have meant I would not have been able to breathe let alone stand upright.... and I would have had to wear heavy sweats, hoodies, socks and sneakers - and that isn't going to happen - in JUNE!

I haven't spent precious time painting my toes to wear shoes... in JUNE!

Thank goodness I have a chair in a sunny room where I can look out and pretend that summer is here.  I can reach in my basket pull out some pretty yarn and create pretty little daisies without sneezing or getting a monster headache...

So - I just pretended it was January and I was somewhere down south - It helped me not feel so sorry for myself, being stuck indoors in June in the PEG!

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