Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An Attitude Adjustment...

Sometimes we all need a little attitude adjustment.  I got mine yesterday.

I went for my annual checkup with my family doctor.  He is a huge bear of a man (Teddy variety) and unlike every other physician I have ever had - he has never harangued me about my weight.  Well that is until yesterday!

I lost 70 lbs following the Weight Watchers program  6 yrs ago, and slowly all but 20 of it has crept back on.  I know this without having to get on the scale.  I know this, and I have let it happen.  My fault.

True, I have had some issues in the past 6 yrs that have helped contribute to my weight gain - mainly 5 yrs of hormonal cancer treatment with a drug know to cause weight gain.  That is exactly how the slow creep upward started.   I was maintaining for over a year and then I started Tamoxifin... and up I went.  Still I haven't been on Tamoxifin for a number of years - I was switched to a kinder (on weight) medication, but by then the trend had started and I gave up caring about my weight.

Enter Dr G....  he pointed out year, by year my weight gain... and then he offered me two choices to get it under control.  He knows me well, so I think he knew he would have to shock me ... and he did!

After I whined at him that he was the only doctor that had never harped on my weight he turned to me and told me that he was sorry that he had not been a good enough physician to me.  He apologized and then told me my two options were... 1. Weight Watchers (which he knows I followed before)
                                                 2. Surgery - the staple in the gut kind of surgery to curb eating.

And then he smiled.

Of course I chose Weight Watchers - and anyway when we looked at the criteria for the surgery - get this - I wasn't fat enough... not by a long shot - but then I think he knew that too.

He put the notion in my head, and that's all he needed to do...

I am so thankful for my "not good enough physician".  Everyone should have such a "not good enough physician"...

So today I am proud to say, I am back on program.  I know how to do this, I know I will be successful, and I know I will feel so much better a year from now when I am once again back down to where I was six years ago.

Thank you Dr. G - I needed that little wake up call...

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