Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Dance - It's Friday!

We made it to Friday!  Yeah, Yeah!  The weekend is right around the corner, and the weather man keeps changing his mind if we should get rain or not - so I have made plans to do things indoors instead of outdoors this weekend.

I have been accused of moving my furniture around too much in the past, a trait I get from my mother.  She used to always say it was cheaper than moving into a new house, with much the same effect - and I agree with this.

I have moved every room (except the bathroom) around several times in the past 12 months - but I have left our bedroom alone.  It needs a good spring cleaning anyway, so why not change it up while I am at it!  So that's my plan for tomorrow rain or shine!  Walls and floors wash, move furniture and freshen the room up.

If I have any energy left after that I really should move into the craft room.  I can't even get in there, it is such a disaster at the moment, and it just seems the cleaning lady is ignoring me!

So that's about as exciting as it's going to get in my house.

I did start planting pots yesterday but I was fighting some sort of stomach bug all day.  Gary said I was "green" all evening... and believe me, I felt that way too.  So if the sun does come out, I can always continue that project.

I am expecting to be somewhat stressed next week - especially at work.  We are moving over to a new billing software today and Monday, and working LIVE with little or no training... just peachy!

But my reward will be Friday's off starting next week - now that's a good thing.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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