Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Making Pretty is Hard Work!

Work is progressing on the patio area of our home.  I spent hours after work yesterday potting more annuals  and decorating the trellis I bought so it is more a room divider now, than a trellis.  I have pots of ivy, impatients and some lights strung all over it so it will cover the trellis and provide a shelter from the more unsightly part of the back yard (The area where the bins are stored).

So far I am happy with my efforts.  Molly is happy with the big carpet - set down on the patio, just for her - so she thinks!

Then I moved on to the water feature I wanted to create.  I don't have much space so it has to be table top but I thought I would try and use some everyday stuff I have lying around.  The base to hold the water is a glass punch bowl I have had for years but never use.  Inside that goes the small water pump under a clear plastic take-out tray from a Cesar salad eaten last weekend (this hides the pump somewhat and provides a flat base) for the small pot of brightly colored impatients and coleus.

This all went together just fine until I got to the metal tea pot.  It was my intention to have a smaller really cute metal teapot hanging from a shepherd's hook, spout down so the water will return to the punch bowl.  But I have yet to figure out how I am going to make a hole in the teapot so I can insert the tubing from the pump.  This will be today's dilemma once I get home.

That and a really ingenious way to get rid of the ginormous mosquitoes that were eating me alive while I was working.  I had bug spray on and it deterred them not one bit.

A common joke here in Manitoba is that the Mosquito is our Provincial Bird - after yesterday, I am inclined to agree!

So if I can get the water feature figured out and running, perhaps I will take a few pictures to share with you tomorrow...

Wish me luck!

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