Monday, June 17, 2013

Mini Gardening...

How quickly Monday rolls around.  I had my first Friday off for the summer and still the weekend went by too quickly.

It was a nice weekend too.  It only rained a bit off and on, so we were able to get outside and do some things in the yard.  The weeds have really sprouted since I last spent time out there so I got a good chance to get some of that cleaned up... We also worked on our patio area a bit.  Threw out a lot of stuff like old pots and things that I have been saving for - I don't know what!

I did start the first part of my fairy garden.  This first one I am doing in a pot for the patio area, I still have to decorate it with some items like a wee swing set, perhaps an arbor and a seat.  A gazing ball, maybe some wood piles.... all which I will make myself from sticks and things I have collected outside as I worked this spring.  I plan to expand this fairy idea to the whole patio - but not in a gaudy way...

Here's my start...

This is very enjoyable - I could see this turning into another "thing" I do - very easily!

I also had a wonderful time on Saturday hosting "Morning Tea" as Stephanie named it for my neighbour Elaine and her two daughters Erica and Stephanie.  The daughters are here visiting their Mom from New Zealand.  We had a lovely time, and for the occasion I tried my hand at making scones for the first time.  I found a recipe on Pinterest for Cranberry/orange scones - and they were fantastic!

I took a real chance, because I call Elaine the "Scone Queen" - she makes the best tasting scones I have ever eaten... hers are the real deal.  Apparently mine were just as good!  Anyway it was fun having "Tea" even though we had coffee....

Erica and Stephanie leave for home on Wednesday - I know Elaine will really miss them once they have gone.

If you like scones - you have to try this recipe - it is wonderful - especially with Raspberry/Apple Jam... apparently!

And so - Happy Monday! 

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