Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

I must apologize to you, my readers for my lengthy absence from my blog.  The later part of November and all of December are pretty much a blur to me.  One minute I was working like a possessed woman getting things ready for my craft sale, and the next I was lying in bed coughing up a lung. 

I have had pneumonia before and recovered very quickly, but for some reason (?age) this time it took two rounds of antibiotics, a few weeks off work, and lots and lots of rest to shake this bug.  Happy to say, aside from the odd tickle cough - I am pretty much back to normal (whatever that might be).

Right in the midst of the pneumonia - my knee went bad - I could walk - and then I couldn't - so more confinement to house and home, and more rest.  The knee is better now too - I gave up the cane on the weekend and ventured out on the bus without it this morning...

So out with the crappy old year - and bring on the New One.... and hopefully this will be a great year.

I don't make resolutions as such - but I have promised myself better health, and to that end have decided to return to Weight Watchers once more.  Six years ago I was on their program and lost 70 lbs... I looked and felt great, and then got cancer.... the weight has crept back on - not all of it - but most of it - and the time has come to start working it off.

I firmly stand behind the Weight Watchers program... it is not a diet, that is why so many are so successful with it.  It's a life change, and it works.  Yes it's hard at first, but once you learn to treat food as food and not a social happening - voila - the weight disappears.  Well, maybe it's not THAT easy, but it is a mindset for sure!

I'll keep you posted ....

I have been going through my library of patterns, culling out the ones I know I'll never do, and keeping the ones I might - Guess what - I threw nothing away.... now there is a sickness all of it's own!!  You just never know when you will be looking for something new to make...and I did manage to find a lot of new projects just waiting to be tried... I am after all, my own worst enemy!

So - Happy New Year.... lets make this a good one.  Don't waste a moment of it... be happy.... be healthy.... be creative.... be kind to yourself and others too.  It's a brand new opportunity to change your little corner of the world, however you wish to change it.  Happy 2011!

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  1. Wondered what had become of you. Sorry to hear you've been sick. But glad you're back up and running. Good luck with WW.