Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Will Your Anchor Hold?

Will your anchor hold in the sea of life?

Do you remember this old Gospel Song?  It never was a favorite of mine, but I remember my Dad singing it from time to time, not because he was especially into Gospel music - but more so because it mentioned the sea and anchors - and if you know my Dad that is all the explanation needed.

We all need Anchors to survive this life.  I believe we also need a very strong rope to secure that Anchor.

Unfortunately there are many out there who have neither.

You might recall a post I made last fall about a friend of my son's who had been in a terrible car accident.  The post was called - A story - Michelle's Story.  You will find a label for it under my Label section that will take you right to the story - Please - read it again.

Michelle turned 25 yrs old on June 14th.  On Tuesday June 25th, Michelle's anchor failed her, and she was taken from this life - much much too soon,  It was a tragic loss, one that should never have happened, one that I believe could possibly have been prevented - but my Anchor stepped in when hers failed.

I believe this - because to believe anything else just plain hurts too much.

Michelle had demons - quite a few of them... I believe they wore the rope that connected her to her Anchor until her rope was thread-bare.

My heart breaks for Michelle, and for those she left behind.  This beautiful young woman should have had the world at her fingertips, but she had only torment and sorrow.  My heart breaks for Michelle's friends - my son one of them - who believe they have somehow failed their dear sweet friend.  My heart is breaking for her family and those that loved her - even if that love was not perfect, it was at times a very real part of Michelle's life.

I pray for Michelle's soul. I pray that finally she can find the peace that she has sought for so long.  I know she is in a far better place, and I know she is surrounded by the love she so deserves  - the love she needed and wanted here  - before her Anchor failed.

Rest In Eternal Peace, Michelle

Your time with us was short - but it DID count for oh so very much...

Goodbye, Dear One...

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