Thursday, July 11, 2013

Welcome to my Neighbourhood!

My sweet little yellow house was on the news last night.  Granted, we weren't the feature presentation - but we were there all the same.

The feature was about a developer who has been buying up homes in our neighbourhood, tearing them down and putting up huge condos which absolutely do not fit into the neighbourhood.

He is doing this because of the proximity to a bustling major street which is less than a block away.

Our area is one of the oldest in the city, most of the homes are circa, 1900 or so.  Most have been renovated, some quite beautifully, and yes there are a few that really need some work and a couple that most of the residents of this area would gladly see go - BUT those are not necessarily the homes he is tearing down.

Recently he bought a home in the middle of the block which was just re-done, inside and out.  He tore it down and is building one of his ugly grey monsters right smack dab in the middle between two century old homes.  He builds from the city sidewalks at the front -  right to the lane at the back - effectively blocking any view/light etc for the two homes on either side of his development.

Here is the clip that was on the news...  click on the smaller box to the right for the video...

You will see for yourself how these buildings clash with the other homes in the area.  My home is the cute little yellow one you can see beyond the fountain, and again behind the man being interviewed.

These condos would look so much better in a new housing development - but I believe the developer is hoping they will sell better in our neighbourhood - because it is a popular area.  Most of us believe it is a popular area because of the character of the older homes.

The fight is ongoing - but to watch this video - one would assume this developer is winning this race... perhaps he is - but long after he as moved off to another area - we will still be here, in our beautiful older homes enjoying our neighbourhood - in spite of him ruining the view.

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