Monday, July 8, 2013

Lazy Days of Summer!

I seem to be hit and miss with my posting of late.  I can blame it on being in the summer mode of things.  Even though I am not really taking vacation, other than Fridays, my mind is definitely on vacation - in more ways than one.

I have no more ambition than to sit out on the patio and read, or knit or crochet or just sit and watch the birds in the trees.  That is until the mosquitoes start biting - then my ambition for patio sitting leaves me in favour of sitting in my air conditioned sun room, where I have much easier access to the fridge - and ice tea; the TV; a comfy chair to nap in... well you get my drift!

Like I said - basically no ambition, at all!

I have worked on the crocheted afghan I am making - somewhat.  More about that project tomorrow.

I did start a crochet outfit for a cute little 8" red-headed doll, which I can't wait to finish.

I have read a couple of novels by Sandra Dallas... "The Bride's House", and "Prayers for Sale"... I enjoyed them both.  Sandra is a quilter, so there is a fair amount of quilting in some of her books... which I really like - and her books are Historical Fiction - which I like even more!

I have discovered Tune-In-Radio on the Net.  If you love music and have an IPAD or IPOD - you have to download the Tune-In-Radio App.  I have been listening to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville;  also some amazing light Jazz and Swing stations; a Theater Organ Station, A Baroque station, and hope to check out some Classical stations this week.  Ah... life can be so good when you let it....

So forgive me my little absences - I am enjoying my summer doing - well not very much, but loving every minute of the inactivity...

Hope you are enjoying your summer too...

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