Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vintage Friends...

After a hideous day at the office, last evening (spent with some out-of-town friends) was a much appreciated diversion.

However - I was really tired.  I had worked through lunch (and I never take coffee break) and when I got home I had things to do like bake a cake, clean up the house - so I didn't get my after work nap.

I made coffee - served it, all the while we continued to visit. But in my over-tired state of whatever, I completely forgot to serve the cake!  After they left I was carrying the cups to the kitchen and there sitting as pretty as you please under my glass-domed cake dish was my special banana cake with the fancy drizzle.  I am mortified!  What was I thinking?

I wasn't...

And why didn't Gary say something?

He said he didn't want to embarrass me.

Shoot - I really wish he would have...

We had a great visit and Laurie brought me a couple of projects to work on.

One a Baby Face Doll from the 1960's

This baby needs a new body, a really good bath and her hair needs fixing.  These dolls are valuable and sought-after so I'll get her in great shape so Laurie can someday pass her down to a grand daughter.

The other project is this guy...

This also is a valuable piece.  He is 1950's - either Mr. Bim made by Columbia Toy Company

or  Zip from the Howdy Doody show - made by Rushton Company. 

He has been altered with new fur and stuffing, but Laurie says he originally had yellow suspenders, with red buttons, and a striped blue shirt.

As soon as I saw him, I had a memory of someone having one of these... I remembered his rubber shoes.

I am hoping that once I take him apart some of the original material will still be inside him and I will be able to better identify him.

In the meantime, he too needs a bath and some body work.

Both are real super vintage dolls, and because the original owner has kept them and looked after them all these years makes them all  that much more valuable.

It will be a joy to restore them for my friend.


Before I take them apart tonight - I will have that nap!

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