Monday, July 29, 2013

Bees - A Buzzing!

I think I am going to start to wail!  I just looked at the calendar and I only have 5 more Friday's off before it's back to a a 5 day working week.  How depressing is that?  But I'll try to get that number out of my head because really 5 more weeks is nothing to gripe about.

Am I enjoying having every Friday off?  You bet I am!  Do I wish I could work 4 days forever?  Yes, for sure!  Am I getting lots of stuff done at home?  Not at all.  Am I getting some rest?  I'll say!  Am I maybe turning the corner to laziness?  Perhaps!  Would I change a thing?  Not a chance!

So far we have done nothing special, gone nowhere, and I have accomplished very little - but isn't that the joy of summer?  Isn't it supposed to be a lazy, hazy time?  Should we not be sitting in the shade, drinking Mint Juleps and fanning ourselves?

I find myself with no more ambition than to sit in the garden and pull weeks, or to sit on the front step and watch the flowers grow, or the bees buzz, or listen to the cat purr.

Didn't know I had a cat, did you?   Well I do.  Her name is "Little Gray Cat", and she is a darling... little Gray cat.  Not really mine, but she thinks she is...

She actually lives down the street, but she spends her whole day sitting in the sun on my front steps.  She won't leave no matter how many times I shoo her home.  So I guess we have adopted each other.  I can't have a cat  - Gary is allergic to them, so I take advantage of my time with Little Gray Cat whenever I can.  She's my summer cat - and she is just as lazy as I am.

Our weather has been much cooler than normal, it's made me think of fall, beautiful wonderful fall with it's fresh air and beautiful colors of orange, gold, and brown.  Soon it will be time to think about fall decorating inside and out, I will be making cabbage rolls, and cabbage buns, bread, and if my garden co-operates - pickles!  Laziness will be over for another year...

So, I think I'll allow myself this indulgence for 5 more weeks.  I'm gonna sit on my step with Little Gray Cat, and enjoy the flowers growing and the bees buzzing - and the cat purring... while I can!

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