Thursday, July 25, 2013

Small treasures - Big Memories!

A couple of days ago when I was at the thrift store I happened on a real great find.  It was a little Wedgewood Jasperware (the real one not the imitation) soap dish.  I knew it was real before I even turned it over to read the bottom, because the real Wedgewood, always had a sort of rough feel to it.  It was not shiny or smooth and always felt like it needed to be fired one last time.  When I turned it over - sure enough - it was the real deal. Whoever priced it obviously did not know what it was.  I bought it for .99!

Every time I see this pattern I think of my Mom.  She LOVED Wedgewood especially the Jasperware - but she never owned a piece.  I think it was the one thing she truly would have loved to be surprised by - but it was something that was not affordable to her so therefore was unavailable as well.

It's funny the things you can remember about your childhood - but I do have a memory of a visit to one of my Dad's old maiden aunts in Iowa.  I was about 6 or so.  Mom had looked this woman up, as she was always interested in finding family - and so my parents decided that we should go and pay this old aunt a visit.

When we got there, the old gal was delighted to meet a nephew she had only heard of.  I remember the house as being small, and the old woman as being small, and she was dressed all in black.  She was nice though, and invited us to stay for lunch.

When it came time for lunch she led us into a very small dining room, and my Mother actually swooned.  Yes she did!

The old Aunt had a massive collection of Wedgewood China - all Jasperware  both the blue and the green.  She had more than even the Birks store in Winnipeg had.

Mom leaned down and whispered that the china was Wedgewood, and I'll never forget her voice as she said that, because she said it with so much emotion, that for a minute I was confused as to why she was upset.

It took me years to realize just what that much Wedgewood in one room did to Mom's emotions.  As an adult with a passion for Dolls - I can certainly identify those emotions now.

So I picked up that little soap dish - for Mom.  She's not here - but she knows I have it - I will enjoy it knowing she would have enjoyed it.

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