Tuesday, March 26, 2013


A friend of mine who is a crocheter and knitter considers herself and others who crochet, knit, spin, weave, etc to be Fiber Artists.

Do you consider yourself so?  I balked at the description at first - but having had time to think about it a bit I realize that she is 100% right.  We are Fiber Artists!

Think about it.  We take a length of fiber - be it wool, cotton, synthetic fiber, and we twist it and knot it using a tool or a set of tools until it becomes a piece of fabric or a garment - at the very least - an object of some kind.  Pretty awesome, don't you think?

Makes me wonder who ever started this overwhelming addiction...  Seriously!

I have been watching the mini series  THE BIBLE on the History Channel.  I am way behind everyone else, because I am watching it on the PVR.  I was particularly drawn to the scene on Noah's Arc.  There was the Arc pitching dangerously on the sea the animals were scared, the humans were scared, and for just a tiny wee moment - my writers mind departed from the story I was watching and imagined another story.

It was about fiber - sheep's wool to be exact.  The sheep were in a tightly confined area so they were constantly rubbing up to the timber of the ship. While the boat was pitching wildly, Noah's wife was thrown to and fro.  She braced herself on one of these timbers and felt something soft under her hand.  It was a piece of the sheep's fleece. 

She was so afraid - for her children, for the animals, for Noah, and for herself.  She was sure that they would all perish in the sea.  She didn't even realize it, but as she worried she twisted and turned the piece of fleece she held in her hand.  It wasn't until the seas had calmed and all was quiet that she remembered the fleece.  She opened her hand, and there inside lay a perfectly spun length of yarn.

Well something like that, anyway...

But in the show - all the humans have clothes on - so guess that blows that theory!

I guess this gives me yet another project to research.  Lucky for me, research is the best part of writing.  I almost enjoy the research more than the writing - but often it fills my head with so many other things I want to research that I get off track very quickly.  I can so see that happening here...

In any event - we ARE  Fiber Artists.  I believe that now - some more than others - but we are all creating something from very little... That's Awesome.

Congratulations Fiber Artists - YOU ARE AWESOME!

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  1. Well, she may have very well had a piece of wool in her hands because unless she was wearing gloves, hands normally aren't dressed....anyway....on FB, I refer to everyone as a fiber artist because we are!! No matter what we do with our fiber, we are artists!