Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Edited Joy!

Happiness - Yes, Scott - you are right - I chose Happiness for my Year Word!  So I will revise my post from yesterday.

My readers - I am delighted to share photos of the events of the past 48 hrs here in WinterPeg.  We are the winter capital of the world - and we are proud and happy to be considered so!

Sometime late Sunday we started to receive some new pristine white snow.  It was so beautiful as it slowly fell to the ground, blanketing all it touched with wondrous grace.  Can you imagine each flake's excitement as they left the sky, knowing they were destined for WinterPeg?  Indeed in a flake's life such an accomplishment is sought after.  And to be picked to fall in March AND St. Patricks' Day - well it would almost make a flake puff and double in size with pure pride alone!

They rushed to the portal with energy seldom seen of almost Spring flakes.  Cries and shouts of jubilation pierced the air as they threw their white bodies into the wind!


And then they landed...   shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Filling front properties to the top of  3 ft. fences.  No piling needed here, their eagerness to be seen was so strong they left no room for another.

But others came, and sought other spaces that needed filling.

They spilled over the three foot fence - four feet and beyond.  They covered the walkways, the driveways, the paths and the roads.
They even prevented a BBQ dinner from happening.

Flake strength at it's best!

Those who's dinner plans were ruined, rallied and shook their fists at the portal.  But the flakes ignored the angry protesters.  So Happy where they to be chosen to fly, they continued their journey all through the night and the day beyond.

And now they rest - their job done.  The excitement is gone, the cheering has stopped.  Soon they will disappear to huge ponds of valuable water.  They will provide countless hours more recreation for adults and children alike - and finally it will be Spring!


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