Friday, March 22, 2013

My Kind of Town!

Have you ever dreamed of living a quiet life in the country?  You know, somewhere where you don't hear sirens every 15 minutes, where horns are not constantly honking for rude reasons, where your neighbour actually knows you, AND likes you?

A Mayberry kind of place  -

All my life I have longed for such a place.  I believe that is because all my life I have been exposed to just such a place.  Our family roots are firmly entrenched in just such a place, and now in my almost-retiring years we are seriously contemplating relocating to our little slice of Mayberry.


Why not?

Why would we not want to move somewhere peaceful, quiet, wholesome, friendly, beautiful, fresh, pure, wonderful?

Do we not deserve such a reward after working all our lives to get this far?  Do we not deserve that which makes us HAPPY?

Our slice of Mayberry is called Plumas, Manitoba.  Plumas is a little village located a little over 2 hours West of Winnipeg, located in the Central Plains region of Manitoba, 40 km West of Lake Manitoba.  There is approx 280 people living in this small farm community - many have lived there all their lives - some have relocated there from other places.

Properties are large, gardens are lush.  There is plenty of sunshine in the summer months, and plenty of snow in the winter.  It is not idyllic - as with any town or city there are some issues... it is not perfect - but depending on where you are coming from - what place, what stage in your life, what circumstance, it could be a perfect fit  - if you want it to be.

I am a firm believer that your life is what you make it.  If you have every excuse under the sun why something is not right - it will never be right.  On the other hand if you make up your mind that it will be right - and you give it your all - then it will be right - for you!

This little town has a lot to offer to the right people, but as with many small towns, there is a constant struggle to keep business open and running.  The lure of the bigger centers with more commerce and better prices is ever present in small town life.  Many would rather travel a distance to get a better price, than support their local businesses.  It is a common practice - and it is also what is killing a lot of small towns.

There is a terrific business opportunity in Plumas at the moment.  The Plumas Inn/Cafe and Lounge is currently for sale.  It is a much needed establishment for this little town.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the right persons... if you know anyone who would be looking for such an opportunity - please pass this on..

And I'll leave you with a little slice of lunacy from my house last evening...

Have a great weekend...

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