Monday, March 4, 2013

About Bob!

Meet Bob!

Bob is probably somewhere between 60-70 yrs old,  I would say.  He is about 17" tall.  Has rubber face, arms and legs and has a soft body.  The cloth of his body is very old, worn in some places and quite thin.  I can see the stuffing, and it looks like something that might have been left over from a sewing project - small bits of fabric and thread - that sort of thing.

Bob probably was adored by a little girl such as this,

Or maybe he was played with children such as these

He could have lived in a house like this
Or one like this

Being a Canadian made doll, he most likely spent a lot of time near this

But by the looks of him, he was very much loved by someone.

I first met Bob last November.

Can you pick him out of this lot of dolls?


Look closer....He's there.

Oh but you might not recognize him because he looks like this 

Still can't find him?  Check out the doll at the front, right hand side.  That would be poor BOB.

Someone who must have had him many years later decided he should be a Barbara, I guess.  So they glued a very bad wig on his head.
I left this doll lying at the bottom of the box of dolls still to be cleaned until there were no more dolls to work on in the box.  There was just something not right with her.  She looked odd to me and I couldn't figure out why.  The wig was starting to come away from the head so I stuck my finger beneath it and started to peel it back.  Imagine my surprise when I found a rubber head that had molded hair in the rubber.  This original head had never had a wig on it, I am sure of it.

Bob has a crier inside his cloth body.  

These were common in dolls of this age.  It makes a bit of a sound when you tip him up, but not the Mamma sound that it would have made when he was new.

About the only thing I know for sure about this doll is that it is Canadian Made.  It is a Reliable doll, as were so many dolls of this era. 

I look at this little fellow, and I just want to know his history.  Oh if dolls could only talk!

Well some do, but that's not the kind of talk I mean.  Just think of the little hands who have touched this dolls, the little arms that have held it in sleep - the homes it has lived in, the families it has been part of....

I am honored to have him in my home now, and I think I'll keep BOB for a long time. 

So - do I restore Bob?  Do I take him apart, fix his crier, make him a new body?  Or do I leave him the fragile little doll he has grown to be.

I think I'll leave him... but I will make him some nice boy clothes to wear... knit ones I think - because chances are he had a knit outfit at some point.

What a nice way to end a box of dolls.....

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