Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Daughter's Tears!

Today is a sad day...  29 yrs ago today, I lost my Mom.  She was just 61 yrs, old when she passed away,  I was 28 yrs old.  I was not ready for her death - none of us were - we never are.  She was there - and then she was gone.

She is never far from my mind for so many reasons, and there have been so many times in the past 29 yrs I have so needed to talk to her - about my life, my family - our family - my health.  She was that one person we all turned to when we needed help.  She was always there, no matter what.

She was the best Mother she could be - I wish I was half as good a mother as she was.  She was fair, sometimes tough, always loving... but she wasn't afraid to let you have it when she knew you needed it.

 Mom's family has fallen apart in the years since she has been gone.  She was the glue that held us together, without her we have disintegrated as a family.  It is sad, and it one of the things I grieve for almost as much as I grieve for my mother.

So today I will be sad for our loss, but at the same time I will think about happier days when Mom walked among us.  She would want that...

I miss you Mom..

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