Monday, March 18, 2013

More Snow!

Remember my desperately seeking spring post?

Well might as well forget spring here, for a long long time.


Because we are having yet another blizzard.

Am I fed up?


Yesterday as I watched the snow fall from the comfort of my warm house, I thought it was pretty.  I didn't think the same thing at 6:30 this morning when I had to put on my snow boots (which had made their way to the basement mat from the landing stairs) and trudge through the half a foot of snow to the gate, that wouldn't open against the snow that was piled up behind it -  out to a car who's wheels were buried completely in the snow.

You'd think in a city that calls itself "WinterPeg", there would have been some snow plowing somewhere in progress.


We travel right through the heart of downtown to get to work and the roads were deep with snow, and getting lovely and polished with ice from the cars as the morning progressed.  Where are the plows?

Yeah, that would be the question a lot of WinterPeg people are voicing this morning - particularly after the announcement earlier this year that we are all getting a property tax hike for the privilege of living in this wonderful snowy city!

To say I am crabby this morning would be an understatement - but thankfully - I am not alone.

Everyone around me is feeling the same, so no need to pinch me - I'm still here...

Things will get better - and you may remind me of this moment in mid July when I am complaining about the hot weather - I HOPE!

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  1. May I remind you of your new years word? Now that is out of the way. We are having more winter and as I look at my bike log I realize last year I was cycling as of the 12th and here I am hoping that by the start of April I can get on the bike path. I have had enough winter. Time to get the sun and warmth out.