Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Monkey Business!

I have been dressing Bob - remember him - the little 1940's era boy doll that someone decided to turn into a girl doll?  I decided to dress Bob as a boy in the 40's would have been dressed.  So I knit him a button down shirt, and a pair of overalls, and I am finishing the outfit with a baseball -type cap and some socks until I can come up with some boots/shoes for him.

The next problem I had with Bob is finding him something to hold.  I like my dolls to have toys that are fitting to their character.  What would a 1940's boy play with?  And it had to be the proper size for a doll!

To the craft-room and into my stash of "stuff".

Wouldn't you know, I found the perfect thing.  A tiny sock- monkey,  made years and years ago by my Aunt Margaret out of real - yes, real miniature socks.  I can't wait to show it to you.

Somehow one thing led to another - as often is the case with my wandering mind, and the next thing you know I was deeply involved in Monkey business.

Have you noticed that monkeys are back in popularity?  No?  I just happened to notice that the latest Sears Catalogue has a whole bedroom ensemble - in Monkeys - totally cute it is!

All of a sudden - every place I routinely visit on the net has monkeys.

So I thought I would quit monkeying around and share some of these great Monkey projects with you.

This one is a adorable sewn Monkey doll - Molly Monkey.  The designer has kindly provided us with a wonderfully easy pattern to follow... you'll want to make this for all the little monkeys in your life...

here is a free crochet sock-monkey pattern and a child's hat too...

Ravelry has so many monkey patterns you will not be able to choose just one, so I have included a couple that really are totally adorable.

This one is for purchase, but it is so adorable - who could resist!

I almost forgot, with all my monkeying around to wish you all Happy First Day of Spring!

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