Friday, March 1, 2013

My Word!

Someone very dear to me recently starting writing his own blog.  It took awhile for him to decide to take the plunge, but he did and he has, and I think he is hooked.

Yesterday he suggested we should define the year ahead with just one word... sort of a word to replace a resolution - so instead if trying to remember what you promised yourself for the year ahead, instead you  focus on the word you chose, and use that word as your focus.

The word he chose was Discipline!  Not an easy word by any means, it comes with limitations, expectations, and a challenge.  A strong word, for a strong man, who will do this word justice.

It got me to thinking.  What word I would like to define my year by?  One word, for someone who loves words is a difficult concept.  One word to define my whole year - really tough!

But I think I found the word I want to define my year.  Happiness!

You'd think this word should be an easy word - but in a lot of ways it might prove to be as much a challenge as Discipline.  Happiness is not easily acheived, but it is something I have tried to focus on for myself and my family.  It means changing much about my life.  Getting rid of stress, surrounding myself with things and people I love, rejecting things and people who bring me down.  To achieve my word I will most likely have to use rely on a few more single words, such as Selfishness and Stubborness - Happiness does not always present itself in our world today.  Unhappiness happens, bad things happen, and we learn to deal with them and move on - but for the moment they are with is - my word becomes ellusive.
If I want my word to define my year I must identify that which makes me Happy.  That is the easy part.  The difficult part is recruiting those things and convincing them to stick around.

So here is my challenge.  I think I have made a good start on my word already this year.  I hope to be able to continue my quest by being less concerned with what is around me in favour of what is within me.  I will try to ignore negativity in all it's forms.  I will try to be less sensitive to the opinionated, the pushy, and the miserable.  I will try and worry about the worrisome less often, and I will seek peace, calm and contentment wherever and whenever I can.

Happiness is my word - with a whole other words thrown in there for good measure!

What will your word be this year? 

Have a Happy weekend...

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