Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You know you are having a bad day when:

1.  You use your cell phone as your alarm to get up in the morning, but fail to notice it needs charging the evening before!

2.  The sun is up before you... (you are usually at work 1 hr before the sun comes up)!

3.  When you open you eyes - You Can't!  The nocturnal eye fairies have been busy painting your lashes with a mixture of egg whites and liquid honey all night!

4.  You have a splitting headache, a head that feels a thousand pounds, a throat full of razor blades and double pointed knitting needles in your ears!

5.  It is -32 outside!

So went my morning... and so I crawled out of bed, emailed work that I would not be there today, took 2 Tylenol and crawled back under the covers for another 3 hours!

Not that it improved things much...  headache is still here, eyes are runny and head is full, but it's just a head cold in the making - I'll survive!

I belong to several face book groups and last weekend one of the ladies posted a picture from Pinterest ( I think) of a crocheted cup and saucer.  Everyone was all excited about it.  Yes it was cute - but I saw so many of those in the 70's that it really didn't do much for me.

I mentioned that I thought I might have the pattern for it somewhere, and the excitement grew.  My Mom made these every spring for a number of years and sold them at the spring bazaar at the church.  I have seen the pattern handwritten on a piece of lined paper and stapled to the inside of the cover of one of her knitting books many times over the years.... I can even see the cover of the book (in my mind)!

So I promised I would get the pattern for those who were excited - and I went looking.

And looking, and looking... OMG!  I have all Mom's books and some of my Aunt's and a collection of my girl friend's mother's and a few of my own, and binders upon binders of printed stuff off the net (free patterns and purchased patterns).

The pattern book that I was so sure was the one with the pattern in it indeed did have a handwritten pattern on a lined page of paper and it was stapled to the back cover - well actually there were 2 there, one pattern was for a poodle toilet paper cover, the other was for a knitted drop stitch scarf that actually sounds kind of neat - but no pattern for the tea cup and saucer that I'd imagined.

I could see myself growing permanently to the floor in my attempt to go through every pattern book on my two bookcases and armoire, so I shoved it all back and put it out of my mind.

Just before bedtime last night - it came to me... I saw a different book cover and just knew that the pattern would be there - so back I went (when I should have been heading to bed).  It took me awhile to find the book (Crochet Techniques and Projects) by Sunset books  $2.45 - that will tell you how old it is!!!

And there hand written on the back cover - no piece of paper at all is the Cup and Saucer pattern that my Mom made so many times over the years!

Crafts are like Women's fashions - they go out of style, then come back in.  I guess if you are lucky, like me - or perhaps I'll re-word that - if you are a bit of a SAVER like me - you will eventually have every pattern for the "New" things being shown on Pinterest!

I hope to have that pattern with a picture for you tomorrow for Stash Buster Thursday!

Stay connected!

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