Wednesday, February 13, 2013

46 Days until Easter!

Today is Ash Wednesday marking the beginning of lent and 46 days until Easter.  Growing up I used to believe Christmas was the most beloved time of the year for me but last year all that changed.

I joined the choir at my church last year, which was a wonderful experience but the season that touched my heart and my faith the most was not Christmas as I thought it would be - but Lent.

In my church there are 13 Lenten services leading up to Easter Sunday.  Through the years I have attended many of these services, but not all of them.  Last year I did - I had to because the choir sang for every one of them.  What a difference it made for me understanding the events and meaning of Lent.  I got so much from it that I have been anxiously awaiting it to start this year - and now, as of tonight it has.

This year our church is also doing a program called  The Way of the Cross.  Again it has been offered before, but I have never participated in it before.  It is a program designed to learn more about the services of Holy Week ( the last week of Lent before Easter).  I hope to attend these evening sessions as well - so needless to say the season of Lent will be a busy church season for me this year, even though I am not singing in the choir this year.

I will really need to juggle my schedule to get everything done that I want to do during Lent... maybe I will have to give something up... isn't that what some do?

Guess we'll have to wait and see...

Many Blessings!

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