Friday, February 22, 2013

Thinking about spring!

It's Friday!  Yipee!  Don't know what I am so happy about, I have been home pretty much all week anyhow.  However being home well and being home sick really are two different things!

I haven't had a sinus infection for awhile - I forgot how painful they can be... head, eyes, teeth - everything hurts and sleep seems to be the most activity one can do.  This was my last few days - sleep, sleep and more sleep... and yet I feel I could still sleep some more!

However it's back to work for one day and then the weekend.  Hopefully the weather will be warmer (it's supposed to be).   We are one week closer to spring - think that's how I am going to look at the weeks ahead - as a true countdown to spring.  We here in Manitoba have stuck out a horrible winter, so I think we deserve to start thinking, dreaming and planning for spring.  It will be here before we know it, and all this white stuff piled everywhere will be a memory!  I hope!

However spring in this neck of the woods almost always means flooding.  This city is built at the junction of two major rivers, The Red, and the Assiniboine.  One goes south-north and the other goes east-west.  We don't even have to get a lot of snow for the Red River to get nasty.  If North Dakota has a bad winter the Old Red brings it all up this way.  If we have also had a bad winter, we add to it, and we are flooding.  The flood forecast is due out next Wednesday.  They have already predicted that Fargo ND will flood, next on the Red is Grandforks, and then Winnipeg.  Both have had above average snowfall this winter so I'd say our chances for a good flood are prime... but we'll see!

In the meantime, perhaps the sun will come out and the temps will rise and we can have some major early melting - that's what we need - melting now - not all at once in April!  Oh if we could only control the weather...

So have a great weekend everyone, wherever you may be, and whatever weather pattern you may be under.  Enjoy these beautiful pre-spring days - after this season - they won't be around for another year!

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